Day Skipper – taking charge
17th April 2018
Why Aquila?
6th May 2018

The mooring for Aquila has been checked by a diver and all is well.

At the end of season I take the float off the mooring riser chain and this is then lowered to the seabed on rope and left marked with a float for the winter. What this does is minimises any wear and the growth on the chain dies off so when it is hauled up in the spring it is all clean and easy to check. I haul up with the windlass on the foredeck, re-secure the float and then attach on the connecting strop. The diver can then descend and examine the chain links and shackles and make sure all is fit for purpose. The mooring for Aquila consists of two 2 tonnes concrete blocks connected together with chain and then there is a very heavy short length (ships anchor chain) of ground chain that the riser chain connects to. Very different to anchoring where the pull on the anchor is horizontal; on a mooring the chain is only about 6 – 8 metres longer than the water depth so the pull is much more directly up so hence the need for considerable weight on the seabed. If the seabed is very soft the blocks sit and bond into this but in my case the seabed is hard and so it is just weight and no real adhesion that keeps it there. The float has to be quite large and buoyant to hold up the 19mm riser chain plus the swivel and connecting strop. I use a danbuoy as a pickup float as this does not require a boat hook to catch the mooring, or drop it and loose it!