A wide range of experiences can be catered for onboard Aquila and you will be given individual attention. You do not have to be involved in specific RYA practical courses or certificates.

Courses can be tailored to suit specific needs, or you might just want an active holiday, ideally suited to those wishing to unwind from the stresses of their day to day life. Should you wish to do an RYA practical course you can enter the scheme at any stage. If you are unsure of which course to do, I would be happy to discuss it with you.

The practical courses will have us not just sailing about, but also understanding manoeuvres in a harbour at pontoons and piers and acquiring boat-handling knowledge in confined areas. We also cover a number of safety topics and practical checks to gain a fuller understanding of the environment we operate in and how to keep all aboard safe.

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Competent Crew

RYA Training Course

The RYA Competent Crew course is a foundation in sail cruising and is for those that want to be active crew members, helping to run the boat, and for those new to yachting. You are needed to help steer, attend to sails and run the boat efficiently. You will learn quickly from putting skills into practice and being part of a team. It is certainly not all hard work but a pleasurable cruise visiting interesting places with lots of variety. At the end you should be a useful, safe, experienced crew member.

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Day Skipper

RYA Training Course

This practical day skipper course is for aspiring skippers. Those with some yachting experience, basic navigation and sailing ability. Ideally, you will have completed a shore-based day skipper course, and be able to competently sail a triangular course with a degree of efficiency. You will be in charge of Aquila on a short passage and be expected to make safe decisions and learn from your experiences and those of others. The instructor’s job is to bring out an awareness about the handling of the boat, planning ahead, and safety considerations. Please bring a passport photo of yourself.

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Coastal Skipper

RYA Training Course

An advanced course for those with a good degree of practical knowledge who have previously skippered. The course is to teach you how to handle more demanding sailing and passages, day and night. Your theoretical knowledge should be at least that of shorebased Coastal skipper/Yachtmaster standard as there is little time for theory teaching. This course is a good one for those who would like to go on to the examined Certificates of Competence. Please bring a passport photo of yourself.

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Beautiful Cruising Area

See the beauty of the West Coast of Scotland

The West Coast of Scotland is one of the best and most beautiful cruising areas in Europe, due primarily to the many islands, sea lochs, rugged coastlines, the plentiful wildlife and the outstanding variety of scenery. It is sparsely populated, unspoilt and the anchorages are uncrowded. There are a great number of choices of route and destination which present many options to the budding skipper. The cruising area has much to offer; strong tidal streams in some parts; both sheltered and open waters; a few bold headlands and many small secluded anchorages.

There is plenty of scope for pilotage and navigation and reasonable coverage of navigational lights. Fog is rare, as are prolonged calms and the sunshine hours are longer than you might think. In June the days are so long that it hardly gets dark and it can be pleasantly warm even in September. Weather is of course variable and the best courses are often those where a whole variety of weather conditions are met with.

Five day courses will try to sail a route where we are not repeating our path and covering the same ground twice, this is sometimes not possible. The area is so fragmented that a host of route options are possible and the weather and tides often determine just where is the best place to head for. Approximate limits might be south to Islay, west to Iona or Coll, or north to South Skye. A glance at a map and you can see the complexity of the waters and choices of route which might cover between 100 and 140 miles. You may see places like Fingal's Cave on Staffa or sail round Ardnamurchan Point (the west point of mainland Britain) and it might be very feasible to fit such things into our route.

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