RYA Practical Training Course at Easter

First Day Skipper RYA training course of 2018
1st April 2018
New Liferaft
16th April 2018


Sunday, when the crew joined, was a brilliant day and unfortunately the light wind died away so we motored the few miles to our peaceful anchorage. Plenty wind on the Monday saw us pacing along the south of Mull with minimal sail to two snug stops and some instructional pilotage. Iona Sound was tackled when the tide was high in the morning but the large spring ebb was almost 3 knots. We overcame this and progressed up north to Ardnamurchan with force 4 winds and a comfortable sea. Tacking into the bay and spotting the correct marks was not the easiest approach. The following day was shorter, after engine checks and passage plans we breezed down the Sound of Mull to Loch Aline for berthing manoeuvres and after an evening meal a three hour night passage under a star filled sky got us to the entrance of Loch Don. Thursday was glorious, sunny with snowy hills around and we went south to the Garvellachs then back up to get good shelter from the predicted SE gale that never came. A useful day to consolidate and tick off the final items on the course. Plenty birdlife surrounded us in the anchorage that night as well as another yacht and then on up to Oban to finish Friday with mooring pickups and berthing at the pier.