My name is Robert Kincaid and I have a wealth of teaching experience in the outdoors in Scotland. After graduating with a Geography degree I worked at the Outward Bound school near Fort William for 6 years and was heavily involved in water-sports and other outdoor pursuits.

I have been sailing dinghies from a young age and for many years now have been a Yachtmaster Instructor, mostly working on the west coast. Before starting my own business in 1992 I worked for three years for Hebridean Cruising as their principal instructor. I was the sole builder of Aquila from 1999 to 2005 so I know the vessel inside out. I have sailed these waters very extensively, in all conditions, and with mixed crews so you are assured of being in very capable hands, be you a beginner doing Competent Crew or one with a lot of experience in sailing.

I have previously done a lot of kayaking and skiing and now concentrate more in mountaineering and orienteering outwith the sailing period, and am a member of the mountain rescue team in Oban.

I can also turn my hand to all types of maintenance tasks and to the production of some fine tasty cooking from the galley aboard.
In my capacity as instructor you will find the teaching varied from being occasionally very directive, through to the other extreme of handing you full responsibility for the vessel and its management.

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I cannot sail for all the weeks in the season, so Brian Morrison helps me out by working for me for a few weeks. Brian, an experienced Yachtmaster Instructor, has worked for many years for me now and everyone has found him to be a great teacher and yachtsman. Brian is a ski instructor and avalanche interpreter in winter and in the summer months teaches afloat and works in yacht skippering for various whale and dolphin research organisations here and abroad. He is very experienced and knowledgeable, so you are assured of being with a capable person.

You may find yourself in the role of skipper having to think things through and explain to your crew what is required to achieve your aims. It may not all be easy but it should be a learning experience. I draw out salient points and clarify matters and so your confidence will grow. In the words of an old Chinese proverb –

‘What you hear you forget
what you see you remember
what you do you know’

In this way we can build progressively and before too long not only will you be bitten by the bug but you will also have the competence to go safely to sea yourself.


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