Aquila has a good sized very well equipped galley. The gas cooker has two burners, grill and oven and is fully gimballed so the kettle can be on when at sea. There is also a large coolbox for fresh produce. The galley is an important part of the boat and we will all take our turn in helping to produce meals and in washing up. Help for those who feel less able is never far away.

All the provisions will be aboard the boat on your arrival and we can if need be, restock on perishables at some port of call en route. Plenty food, some Scottish, and much fresh nutritious produce, giving a huge choice of meal options. We generally have three meals a day and snacks between with hot drinks. Lunch is often eaten while we are on passage. We can readily accommodate people with special dietary needs if we know well in advance.

The main meal aboard is often a time for discussion and reflection on the day as well as time to relax.

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