Aquila is an extremely sturdily built vessel and is very predictable in her handling. She easily gained all the requirements for the MCA code of practice for small commercial vessels. The boat has an annual inspection and a full survey every five years. Maintenance is an ongoing process and I take great pride in the boat. All the equipment is functional and in good working order.

Safety gear is of particular importance and you will have a well fitting lifejacket/harness and a harness line with double action hooks for your protection. Lifejackets are standard and you will be shown how to don these in the initial safety brief, along with the workings of other gear.

The yacht carries much more safety equipment than is required so that you have the chance to see its uses in different drills. The RYA courses weigh heavily on safety so we will be looking over a lot of equipment and its uses in different circumstances. You are also in very safe hands as I have been sailing these waters for a long time and have a wealth of experience to guide you safely through your cruise.

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