Some suggestions as to what to pack, and a few things to avoid if possible. Bear in mind that the weather can be very variable on the West Coast of Britain due to the Atlantic Ocean with its warm ocean current, the high latitude; 56 degrees so a north wind can be very cold even in summer and the fact that Tiree has the Meteorological sunshine record. There is a need to be flexible in the way you dress!

To find out more information about what to bring, contact us today on 01631 562 013 / 07769 700 871, email us or use our online enquiry form

Things To Bring

  • Sleeping bag and liner100%
  • Pillowcase (pillow provided)100%
  • Sailing wellies, soft soled100%
  • Waterproof top / bottom (not lightweight)100%
  • Sailing shoes or trainers100%
  • Socks for boots and shoes100%
  • Underwear (some for cold)100%
  • Trousers100%
  • Long sleeved underwear100%
  • T shirts/shorts100%
  • Shirts100%
  • Jerseys or fibre pile jackets100%
  • Windbreaker (for dry windy conditions)100%
  • Hat (fibrepile or wool)100%
  • Sunglasses with neck cord100%
  • Sunscreen100%
  • Glasses with neckcord/contact lenses100%
  • Small day pack100%
  • Gloves100%
  • Towel100%
  • Personal toiletries100%
  • Money100%
  • Neck towel/scarf100%
  • Swimwear, if you feel brave100%
  • Camera100%
  • Personal Medications100%
  • Duvet jacket/body warmer100%
  • RYA G15 or G158 (if you have one)100%

Day Skippers and Coastal Skippers please also remember to bring a passport picture.

We do have some waterproofs and other equipment for hire. Please let us know your size in advance. If you are sailing early or late in the season consider bringing a hot water bottle and warm clothing such as ski sallopettes, thick socks etc.

Try not to pack your gear in a suitcase or a framed backpack as they are difficult to pack aboard the boat. A zip holdall or two, max size 700 x 450mm would be better.

I do have a 12v car type socket and USB ports if you want to occasionally charge a phone or camera, sorry no 240v equipment.